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Prinz Eugn


Man, so I have an early morning of shopping and packing for my move to Denver... don't expect the most cogent journal entry.

Sir Sapo Rises

If you hadn't seen it yet, Sir Sapo(the programmer-man) has put up an excellent journal entry showcasing some of the work (mostly his) that happened this weekend when I visited. I'm pretty sure he stole the more-than-one-B-52 screenshot idea from me, but whatevs. At least the smoke marker works as god intended.


I also happened to miss renewing GDNet+ somehow, which was borderline tragic as my theme for some reason defaulted to the new white scheme. This is bad, since I'm still living under the illusion (circa 2005) that operates under a light-text-on-dark-background visual scheme. Oh, and I lost my avatar and couldn't post a journal entry. Not a big deal, I just used the opportunity to slightly modify my standard avatar. And, uh, didn't write a journal entry.

Better All the Time

So I got bored today (when I should have been packing) and decided to search through some old artwork to make more big artwork for the game. Big stuff is always nice for loading screens and credits, plus it's hella fun to make. I found my old MiG-51S on the Ground...


After some considerable croppage and repainting some amateur-ish shading, I'm here:

Much better-er? But seriously, fuck that shadow.

Not quite there yet, but I hope that before long it will look like it wasn't drawn by an 8-year-old boy with an amphetamine problem.

Seriously, I learned basically everything since I did the original- more about how to use selections to clean up lines, separating things into more layers based both on location and function, how to use transform to change proportions- basically how not to suck so bad.

I only hope that in another 3 years, I'll be able to look back with the same disgust at my current work- because that'll mean I'm that much better.

Aight, I gotta early Wal-Mart trip scheduled tomorrow to buy stuff for my move. I'll only be there for less than 6 months, but I need a bed...
Don't forget to check out Sir Sapo's journal and Hopedagger's new post.
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Lovely art as always, Mark. I hope your move to Denver goes smoothly and without incident. [smile]

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