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Surprised I haven't seen this mentioned more around here.


It's fricking awesome and they've been poached by Valve to work the mechanic into Portal 2, which is looking to be the best game ever made EVAR.

Really need to get myself working on something again. Bored shitless with Squishy so thinking about starting a new project.
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But Squishy was looking awesome! I'm still in awe of the cool portals.

I find it's nice to have a second "slow burn" project in the background that's a little broader in scope that I can ping-pong back to when I can't bring myself to work on the other one. I tend to try and have them be pretty different (e.g. an arcade action game vs an rpg kind of thing).

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Seconded; Squishy has been looking very impressive. Still, I'm sure whatever you choose to work on next will be equally interesting. [smile]

Oh, and thanks for tuning me in on Tag! I hadn't yet seen this one and it was highly entertaining to play through, not to mention an excellent catalyst for getting my game design juices flowing. There's oodles of potential for further exploitation of this game mechanic.

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I agree with both of Milkshake's points; I'd love to see work on Squishy continued, and it's good to have some variety in your programming projects to keep things interesting. Fortunately my day job is in PHP, which makes just about any other project an absolute joy to work on in comparison. [wink]

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Thanks all. I did actually have another play with Squishy after Milkshake's comment and feeling a bit more enthused again now.

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