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Evil Steve


I'm not dead! Just being useless at doing... anything.


  • I've an MVP for another year (DirectX/XNA). Hooray!

  • I've rebuilt my server with "proper" components in it, so I now have a reasonable second PC. The graphics card is still crap, but I don't use it for gaming, so never mind. I also installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on it, and tried to set up the latest PHP and MySQL, only to find that the latest PHP doesn't work with MySQL if the database is on the localhost (And the PHP people say it's not a bug, or it's a MySQL bug, even though the bug is clearly in PHP...). So, after much dicking around I got PHP working and set up the latest phpbb.
    However, in the week or so since I upgraded everything, there's been 2 posts on my forums (Which are really only used by my friends), and since my site really doesn't have anything useful on it, I'm probably going to ditch it and just have a spare PC rather than an always-on server (And I can always buy webspace if I need).

  • I was looking back at the articles/tutorials I've written, and the last one was written on the 29th April last year. Whoops. I didn't realise it's been so long. I will be writing a 6th one, and I hope soon. I've not been taking my laptop with me on the bus recently, just because I can't be arsed doing programming at that time in the morning or after work.

  • I finally got around to moving an ISA I have from Cheltenham & Gloucester to Halifax (Since C&G give me 0.5% interest, and Halifax give 2.6% for the first year). I also managed to fail miserably when setting my account up - throughout the whole process, there's helpful "What does this mean?" style links which open in a new window (Well, tab since it's Firefox). I got as far as getting my account number and username, and the page said "We recommend you print this page, click here to print". So, I clicked there to print, it opened a new window (tab), I clicked the "Print" button, and closed the window.
    Except it hadn't opened a new window at all, it had opened in the existing window. I went to try and log in, and it said I need a password (Which I don't have). I went to "I forgot my password" and was given the option to use my initial temporary password (Which I didn't have), or to get a new one posted to me. I went to sign up again and was told I wasn't eligible for that account (Because it was already registered). I finally phoned up the helpline and was told that I already had a password on it's way to me, and it seems that that was the last page anyway.
    Oh well. Pointless story for anyone still reading.

  • Guild Wars has had the Dragon Festival on this weekend, so I spent most of the weekend doing the quests on all the characters I could, and spending all my cash on the nine rings game to try and get some lucky points. Currently, they seem to have bugged the game - the nine rings is still accessible, but there's no visual indicator of where they are (I.e. the game assets have changed back over but the scripts and logic haven't). Fun.

    Erm, that's about it I think. Nothing exciting to report. Hence the lack of updates :P
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