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Still alive..

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I'm quite happy with the progress of dungeon fortress sofar. In the last weeks we have concentrated on the rpg part of the game and I would say that we reached a pre-alpha stage. Nevertheless, there's still lot of work in the rpg part mainly content, although content in a rpg is a never ending story.

Aside from this I bought a new ATI video card to do some testing and establish compatibility with ATI. I wouldn't be surprised if I have to refactor my shaders to get it running on ATI.

The next big thing in dungeon fortress will be the rts part. I've started to work on a way to dynamically change the dungeon, in other word, digging new tunnels. It reminds me of dungeon keeper, but it is more restricted. Still I guess that it will be fun to build your own dungeon and breed your own creatures.

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