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MassText progress

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After a couple hours of toying around (interspersed liberally with some napping) I finally finished rewriting the MassText Android app to use the ListView widget for managing the contact list. It's a bit more performant with large contact lists, far more visually integrated and consistent with the rest of the stock software, and provides marginally cleaner code than what I had before. All in all, I'm happy with it.

There remain a few niggling little details I want to get hacked out before I ship:

  • The contact list is just blank during loading. It'd be cool to show a little spinner animation there to indicate that something is going on while the data is being streamed in from the contact database. Finished at 0009.

  • There's no progress indicator during the actual spam process, and no error handling if something barfs. I'd like to show a little floating status bar that indicates how many messages have been sent and how many succeeded. Finished at some unholy hour during the night.

  • Actual texts sent from the app don't appear in the Messaging app. This means that if you spam a bunch of people right now, you lose the historical record of having done so. While this may be useful from a plausible-deniability standpoint, it'd be kind of nice to have the text appear in each recipient's message history for later.

  • The default Messaging app has a little indicator that shows when your text message splits across multiple SMS message boundaries. It'd be cool to duplicate this.

  • I need an icon for the app besides the standard boring one. I'll probably just take the Messaging icon and alter it a bit. Three or four multicolor speech balloons sounds like a good icon.

And of course I'll want to review everything to make sure I follow all the platform guidelines and best practices.

My guess is that I'll be using the app for personal nefarious purposes throughout the week, and hopefully get all the polishing knocked out by the end of next weekend.
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