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Creature Combat

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I have added a news item about the Android RPG / Dungeon Crawler I am working on at the game's website Deadly Dungeons. Here is the intro...


Deadly Dungeons will have a large number of creatures with their own attacks and traits. Knowledge of these creatures will be important in understanding their abilities and the threat they impose. As players gain in level and play higher difficulty levels, they will be met with increasingly difficult creatures that do more than just hit harder.

I am currently working with neveza. He has played several games that are similar to the one I am developing. He has designed a majority of the combat system and has come up with some fairly interesting creature attacks. The way creature levels are set up, certain creature types will become more or less difficult based on their species. The species of the creature determines special attacks and attributes.

One thing I've noticed while developing this game is that the more things I add, the more things I think I need to make the game better. I decided to make the cut-off date on development sometime around Fall 2010. Given Android's distribution model, I think it would be possible to release the game once I feel it is fun and stable. Then, I can use player feedback to enhance the game with new features.
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