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mapping it out...

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Although i never thought of myself as the kind of person who would enjoy documenting the developement of his projects I'm going to take a swing at it. Seems like it might just be good self inflicted therapy.

Over the past 3 years i have been spawning little 3D tech demos and small incomplete games while building my own game engine from the ground up. My first big project (a Tower Defence game titled "Frost TD") should be released by the end of this year.

Here are some screenshots. They are aranged from old to new.

Most of core game mechanics are done. It mostly just needs more content and i need to balance everything. Im working with 2 artists/modellers but both of them seems to be pretty busy with life so the content flow is slow. Frost TD focuses heavily on the use and flow of mana. Towers can be elemental or non-elemental. Elemental towers fall into 5 different elemental types (Fire, Frost, Nature, Darkness and Light). All elemental towers require mana to use their abilities. Abilities include various different attacks and other effects(for example a fire arrow tower requires fire mana to shoot fire arrows which damages its target and burns it over time and a necromancer tower requires dark mana to rasie skeletons from corpses). All elemental towers have their own mana capacity but it can only replenish itself by drawing mana from a manawell.

Currently the following towers exists in the game (Almoust all models are placeholders)

Arrow Tower - Non Elemental
Cannon Tower - Non Elemental - splash damage
Fire Arrow Tower - Fire - fire arrows applies "burn" to its target. target will suffer fire damage every 3 seconds (last 12 seconds)
Frost Arrow Tower - Frost - frost arrow applies "cold" to its target slowing its movement speed. Cold does not stack. The Frost Arrow towers auto targeting will always prioritize targets thats not yet affected by "Cold" to ensure that it can keep the maximum amount of enemies slowed (lasts 4 secdons)
Necromancer tower - Darkness - raises skeletons from enemy corpses. Skeletons will chase and attack any enemy that comes into their range. The necromancer tower can be upgraded twice. each upgrade increases the strength of the risen skeletons and give them special abilities. rank 2 skeletons gains "critical strike" and rank 3 sekeletons gains "cleave". (skeletons die after 20 seconds but they can also be killed by frendly splash damage)

Im currently busy finishing the mechanic that allows towers to draw mana from mana wells. Towers will be able to draw mana from all manawells on the map providing that manawel has the mana the tower needs but the rate at which the mana is drawn decreases exponentialy with the distance between the tower and the manawel. Im also working on a smaller scale 2D game on the side with one other artist but more on that later.

I think thats enough text for day one...

Thnx for reading!
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Interesting WC3 Elemental TD clone. GL!

Btw, the forum pics do not work -- just so you know

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