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Oh jeez

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So, yeah, that neat little free program, Sculptris, that I raved about in my last couple journal entries? Turns out, it's been bought by ZBrush, along with the developer. I'm all for people getting jobs and/or getting paid for their work, I really am. However, the whole reason I was so excited about it is that I simply can not justify the expense of buying ZBrush. So, it's a little disappointing to see this development. In a couple years, Sculptris is going to be folded into the main ZBrush trunk in some fashion and tagged with a big fatty price-tag, and the best I'll be able to hope for is that Blender, some time in the next decade, incorporates enough of the functionality and performance fixes to at least kind of approximate what Sculptris offered.

The ZBrush forums are all a-twitter about how awesome this is. I can only feel a little bit of sadness, personally.
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No, he never did release the source. I understand there were a few rumblings in that direction, and IIRC a bunch of forum-goers were taking up a collection to try to get that going, but nothing ever happened. Which makes me wonder, though, if all the folks who donated via the Donate link in the expectation of this remaining a nifty little free tool are going to get their money back.

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Doubt it. Donations are for just that, and if I recall he said he wasn't going to make any further updates to the tool, him deeming it "finished"

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