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Flip Fest

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Tuesday, October 19th

So since it's Tuesday, it's my night out at the gym hangin with my coaching buddies and other friends. I got called out by one of them since I had stated last week that I could do a gainer off the inground trampoline and clear an 8-incher long-ways (about... 10 feet I guess). A gainer is a back or front flip that travels. A back gainer is a back flip that travels forward, and a front gainer is a front flip that travels backwards. Obviously you don't want a back flip traveling forwards, or a front flip traveling backwards, so you can see why they're so much fun to do, cause they just look wrong. Well, I got within a foot of clearing the 8-incher mat (an 8 inch high mat). But then the other coaches started tossing flips onto the mats, and things quickly escalated to the point where me and another coach were doing piked fliffuses (2 flips with a 1/2 twist in a piked position (which rotates slower than tucked so it's harder)) off the tranp onto the mats. Then someone tossed a half-in half-out duck under forward roll, which got us into the subject of barani-ins (1 flip with a 1/2 twist to your back).

Uh oh.

Shit went bad at this point, since the subject of the Drewcifus (soft "c") came up. As you can tell, it's a trick named after me, since I'm prob one of a few crazy mofo's in this world to pull it. It's a barani-in 3/4 out to stomach. So that's a front flip with a half twist and then a back flip where I come up short and land on my belly. All in the air. Now, it doesn't sound that bad, until you consider the consequences. Only one of the following three things will happen upon landing:

1) Land short and plane the skin off your face as it scrapes against the trampoline. You could possibly break your neck too. (my first attempt at this trick did indeed leave a red scrape mark across the entire left side of my face. I was lucky)

2) Land perfectly on your belly.

3) Land late and worm down from your legs to your stomach, at the least causing whiplash, at the worst breaking your back.

So there. I did one tonight to show the uninitated (2 people there hadn't yet witnessed it) how nasty it truly was. Everyone who'd already seen it was holding on to each other and praying I didn't die, as they always do [evil]. I think that was the 6th or 7th one I've done in three years. I may not have many left.

I once did a 1 3/4 back flip to stomach. It's pretty much the same thing, though slightly worse. See, with a Drewcifus, you can see the trampoline through the barani-in, which helps keep you from getting lost. Doing a double back, it's easy to lose your sense of rotation. I did it though, and landed on my stomach fine. I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon however. It's not a good thing to tempt fate you know.

So after the crazy flip fest, I grabbed some Denny's and then we had a PS2 nite at someone's house. I played a demo of Star Wars: Battlefront - what an awesome game. I gots to get me a copy [smile]

Finally, my Binary Clock from ThinkGeek arrived today! WHooo! Here's teh pictars:

I got the blue on cause it goes nicely with my Logitech speaker remote which has a blue LED status light. Plus... I just think blue and silver is cool.

Stupid TigerDirect finally shipped my diNovo today, even tho I ordered both the clock and the keyboard the same day (Sat) minutes apart. Chalk up kudos points for ThinkGeek. They get stuff done proper.

Ah well, enough blabbering from me. Bed time!
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