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Medieval Story

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Stuff that has happened since last post...

The demo/prototype is going to be called Medieval Story. I'll be aiming to finish it before Sunday, in time for the make-em-up competition. I hope to win but my expectations are not that high.

So in the light of this I have been drawing like crazy yesterday and still was able to do some programming. I spent the day on drawing sets of walk cycle animations for the main guy. Eight directions with four frames each. I decided to cut the frame count a bit to get something going quicker, it will be easy to add more frames later on if I decide to. I will also derive weapon animations from the existing sets later on.

The best method I have found for getting some programming done when things are slow is to have a little reward at the end. This time it was to have the main guy's animation moving on screen. To get him to move I could just do some simple math:
But why do it the easy way when there can be a convoluted way! I implemented bullet physics (had some code from other projects laying around) and soon I had the little guy falling from eight meters high onto a bed of grass. Woo-ho!

Well, that's the short of it for yesterdays work. Now back to it...

A photo from my vacation in Austria, I'm the small black dot :-)
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Looking good there. [smile] Best of luck with the competition!

Out of interest, how long did it take you to draw all of those rotated and animated frames?

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Thank you!

It's hard to say how long it took. I painted him standing still in eight directions a few weeks ago then just the other day I painted the walk cycle from the existing frames. That took only about 4 hours effective time. Starting from scratch I should be able to finish in a day, working on and off. Coffee breaks and stuff takes time ;)

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