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Digging in again.

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Ok so I've decided to finally forgo all other projects, including side projects, spur of the moment projects and any other projects that I haven't thought of yet. It is starting to become readily apparent that the longer I put this (Fighting Game) project off it will never get done. Damn, I'm sooo tired of journaling about this off and on but never really putting my foot out there.

The truth is that I'm just afraid to fail at the one project that caused me to get into hobby game development in the first place. I'm stuck in a spiral of death where no matter what I venture off into I always end up back attempting this frigging fighting game. Weird how that works eh?

I'm just going to accept the fact that no matter how it turns out I just need to start developing it (committed). Time will tell if that statement was Freudian in nature insofar as alluding to my current sanity.

Anyway, below is a hacked version of the post I hung out on in the help wanted section that saw no action whatsoever, in hindsight I guess it was a good thing, this is something I need to do by myself.

Ok, here we go, no time limits, no additional pressure, just stay on track, focus and get this project done.


Project name:
XTREME BRAWLERS (2D) w/3D Elements

Brief description:

The game itself will be based off of your typical 2D style SNK/Capcom fighters as far as game play is concerned. There has been so much done in this area it's hard to come up with something original but I'm working on it. Nice to haves and areas that will be tagged as a learning experience (ala the whole project) are Networked capabilities and the implementation of an aggressive brawler type A.I. model for single player.

Engine - Custom 2D/3D engine (Project Specific)
Dev Environment - VS2008/ VS2010
Language - C/C plusplus & whatever scripting languages necessary
Targeted Platform - Windows(XP,VISTA,WIN 7)
API's - DirectX SDK (FEB 2010),FMOD,Raknet,ODE Physics
Graphic Suites - Photoshop, Flash, SILO, Pencil & Paper

A samples of previous works
A game I made for a contest over at GI (spent about 4 weeks on it so don't expect too much)

Breakout Clone
Made just for fun.

Mecha Animation

Download Zip
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