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Shaders in Starcraft 2

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Hello, today I would like to present you the different computes that Starcraft 2 uses in order to render the final shape.

Actually this is an extract of a Wiki page that I have started today: The aim of this Wiki page is to contains all shaders equations that compute the Starcraft 2 models rendering.

I think this is an interesting research not just for the knowledge of Starcraft 2, but for the deferred rendering generally. So if you have knowledge to share, your help is welcome!

Here are the different render steps for the Barracks :


The wireframe isn't the more interesting, but it's important to view it.

full bright diffuse only

It seems to be the exact diffuse texture.

diffuse only

diffuse lighting only

emissive only

I think this effect is computed from the emissive texture. It's not exactly the same because, for example, the texture doesn't contain the halo information.

lighting only

normal only

it's normals of the vertices. remember that, in Starcraft 2, Z (blue color) is the up vector

normal map only

It's the normal texture.

problem visualization

It's beautifull... but I have no idea what it is...

shadows only

specular lighting only

specular only

doesn't really look like the specular texture...

UV mapping


Final combination of all effects!

If you are interested into this research, you will find more informations here

Have a nice day (or night) !

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