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More nothing

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Evil Steve


I think it's high time I start actually making worthwhile journal posts. But this isn't going to be one of them.

My laptop AC adapter has bitten the dust. I don't really use my laptop much any more (It gets used for maybe an hour a month on average at the moment), and a new charger is going to be ?50 for a universal adapter from PC World, or ?70 for an "official" Toshiba one.
So this sounds like a good excuse for me to buy a new laptop really...

I've been busy at work doing some fairly low level engine work and tools stuff, which I find interesting, and passes by quickly, but doesn't actually give me much to show. Our asset builder is now Teh Awesomes++, after I've spent 2 days rewriting large chunks of it and porting over various fixes from various projects.

Some of the Wii audio library is quite cool, some of it is mind-rapingly annoying. I like having direct access to the sound buffer (voice) play cursor, and I don't like the function call to disable interrupts (So the play cursor doesn't get changed by the DSP while you're dicking around with it) doing bugger all when the app is being debugged (That wasted a good hour or two, thanks Nintendo / Freescale).
I like the Wii Audio effects library - it's pretty full-featured and really easy to apply audio effects to sounds. I don't like the Wii "special" ADPCM format, and I don't like having to use a Nintendo-provided DLL in the asset builder to actually generate these files. Especially since the DLL is single threaded and the builder is multithreadtastic.

Guild Wars is down for maintenance while they move servers around somewhere, so no playing today it seems.

Oh well, it's end of lunch now. Back to my audio-induced hilarity...
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