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Not dead yet...

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So I've been slack for a long time, going through some personal stuff and letting my GDnet+ subscription lapse and ignoring my Pac-Man project.

But I'm back, and I've had a productive weekend. And I have pics to prove it. Keep in mind that these are early images.

An overview of the full map. This is adapted from the original Pac-Man map, adjusted to fit the design of the game.

The starting position. In this and the next image, you can see the breaking of the 'pipe' shader at the corners.

A view of the extreme corner of the map.

I'm unsure how to approach the rendering of the bends in the maze walls. For the straight sections, the color of the pixel is determined by the distance between the center line of the pipe section and a line defined by the camera position and the fragment. I'm currently using this effect for the bends as well, but it's breaking, as can be seen above. I've been thinking through various methods to correct it at the bends, but I'm willing to live with it during development.

In the bottom image, the current effect also breaks when two straight sections overlap. I'm unsure whether to alpha blend, or have some kind of "brightness test" in the pixel shader, using the brightest fragment as the color of the pixel.

But all that can wait. I need to focus on making the game playable.

I'm also toying with the idea of integrating lua for things like maze definition and ghost AI. It will be yet one more item I would need to learn, on top of an already daunting list of topics I need to learn to complete this game, but I think the results may be worth it.

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