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I hate public bathrooms

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Ukh, I have to share a bathroom with the rest of the people in this floor, ok, that's no problem as long as they keep it clean.

But yesterday, I developed a new hatred for this bathroom. Before eating my lunch I go to bathroom to wash my hands with soap, and while I'm rinsing this guy comes right next to me on the urinal and undoes his pants and starts pissing..... well, what the fuck, go to the urinal that's at least a bit further from the sinks than this one, I have no interest in seeing your penis you stupid shit.

Don't people have a bit of understanding? Or at least sense or privacy? I mean, you don't need to go right next to the only other living person in the bathroom and take out your dick, there's plenty of other space in the bathroom that you can do that.
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Yeah, I have to say that I agree with you; however the universal constant LAZINESS does not.

You should hijack the urinal next to the sink so that it sprays out water over the...user when flushed. (i've been at the computer too long)

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You'd figure that if you were the guy taking the piss, wouldn't you want to take the urinal farthest from the guy washing his hands? Too bad some people just don't care. And yea, I agree with Mushu that laziness is always a factor.

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