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More Engine Progress

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Well, I was finally able to get some time last night to do some more coding up on my engine. I got the Vertex Manager and Vertex Cache wired up. It's not quite hooked into DirectX yet, but the whole rendering pipeline of the engine (from Renderer -> Vertex Manager -> Vertex Cache) is finally working properly.

I'm hoping that I can continue to make progress on it tonight. I'm a lot further behind on this engine than I wanted to be at this point. To tell you the truth, it's not nearly as far as I've seen a lot of other people make more progress on their projects in the same amount of time. Arg, sometimes it's quite intimidating being surrounded by Type-A people when you are not a Type-A person yourself. Oh well, that's the way of the world I suppose (and yes, I have been listening to a lot of Earth, Wind, & Fire lately).

If all goes well, I should be able to hook the Vertex Cache into DirectX this evening and at least have an actual rendering pipeline in the engine by this evening. Then I can start making true progress on the meat of the project. All I have to say is this: I LOVE software architecture! There's just something exciting about designing a solution with known and tested software architecture memes that makes me giddy like a schoolgirl.

Until then, my friends....
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