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Heeeeeeeeeeere's MEPIS!

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Well, it's probably no secret that I'm a Microsoft technology fan. I'm willing to be flamed about that, because I like working with the technology. However, I think it is a BAD thing to have only one-sided technological knowledge. After all, how can you expect to have a civilized conversation with another person (let's say a Linux fan) without saying total FUD.

In that vein, I have finally installed Linux at home. I figure that if I really want to contribute to the community, I need to know my sheeite. So, I finally installed it. I chose to install SimplyMEPIS because I have heard a lot about the distro and it is gaining a lot of popularity over at Distro Watch (it's already #8 on the Top 25 list). The biggest reason I chose MEPIS is that I wanted a Debian-based distro (can you say "apt-get" baby?!?!) that wasn't actually just the normal "Debian" distro. There were a couple flavors I found. There was Libranet, SimplyMEPIS, Linspire, and such. Linspire was out of the question because I wasn't going to buy it. And SimplyMEPIS seemed like the most "user-friendly" and "noobie-friendly" Debian-based distro that I found.

The first thing that I will be installing on the box is Subversion source control. I've been using CVS (ala CVS NT) for quite a while now. However, being the big Refactoring supporter that I am, I really wanted Subversion's capability to rename files. Anywhere doing Refactoring with CVS source control probably knows how much of a pain it can be at times.

After Subversion will come PHP5 and probably MySQL (or maybe PostgreSql, I haven't made up my mind yet). And then I can finally talk my way around PHP5 and know what is better about both PHP and ASP.NET. It's all about using the right tool for the right job, don't cha know!

Anyways, since this is a long post, there probably won't be any comments (sans Mushu's post), but I don't care. I'm just using this as a spew tray, anyways :).
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As someone who's not that experienced in PHP, I'd like to see some ASP / PHP/ ASP.NET / PHP5 comparisons. As you say, right tool for the job and all.

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Amen to that. they are both very flexible languages. One of the biggest things I like about ASP.NET is the fact that you have access to so many parts of the .NET framework, and that you can create controls that can be reused easily, and even define a "Global Assembly Cache" for IIS where one .NET application can be harnessed by several others extremely easily.

As for PHP, it has some massive raw programming power. There are things that are just a headache to do in ASP.NET (such as variables that store function names you could then call directly) that PHP can handle easily. In addition, you do not have to compile PHP code, whereas ASP.NET code does need to be pre-compiled (although this gives you the added advantage of not having your actual source code for the application on the web server, just the dll files, etc.)

me likum both!

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