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OpenFeint support is coming to Spectre for iPhone! Some optimizations will be necessary as I'm getting some low memory warnings and crashes.

Skybox loader
So, the skyboxes eat a fair amount of memory, I assume, and I have all 6 loaded into memory at startup. It's slow and they take a lot of memory when not being used. So, I sat down and wrote a background loader.

  • 1. Decompresses PNG files into byte arrays in the background thread.
  • 2. Run glGenTexture/glBindTexture/glTexImage2D in the main thread (it won't work otherwise).
    • I do only 1 texture per frame to keep this from slowing down the UI too much

The preliminary list of achievements has been written up:

Single Player

Level completions
Complete 10 levels 10
Complete 20 levels 20
Complete 40 levels 30
Complete 80 levels 40

Combo level completions - complete in a row
Complete 5 SP levels in a row 10
Complete 10 SP levels in a row 40
Complete 15 SP levels in a row 90
Complete 20 SP levels in a row 180

SP Robot destruction
Destroy 10 robots 5
Destroy 50 robots 10
Destroy 100 robots 20
Destroy 200 robots 30
Destroy 500 robots 40


De-rez opponents without dying
6x 15
12x 25
18x 40
24x 60

Combos - de-rez opponents within 6 seconds of last de-rez

3x 5
4x 10
5x 15
6x 20
7x 25
8x 35
9x 50
10x 100

Total 925

- 1 Spectre Classic
- 3 for each difficulty in Spectre VR
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