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I've been climbing back in the saddle, getting quite a bit done lately. In the process, I've added another neat, free library to my "standard" load-out of libraries: Recast and Detour for navigation-mesh generation and pathfinding. In a word: neat. It's a pretty powerful little library (Recast) for generating a navigation mesh from a set of input polygon data, with another little library (Detour) for searching paths within that navmesh. So far in my "try it out" phase, it's really impressed me. The generated meshes seem pretty good quality, and pathfinding is very efficient. Currently in the process of replacing all of my existing pathfinding code. The library is ZLib license, created by Mikko Mononen (formerly of Crytek, I believe). The author is currently in the midst of very active improvement of the library, including work along the lines of dynamic obstacle avoidance, efficiency improvement, etc...
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