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Computar games

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After playing Black&White and then the expansion pack Creature Isle for it, I came to realise that Princess Maker II was way more fun than this.

Here's a quick comparison:

  1. B&W took over a week to finish, but PM2 took 2 nights

  2. I would never play B&W again (replay value: -1) but I can play PM2 however many more times I want, and I can start from middle by saved games and end up with a different ending

  3. In B&W you constantly get annoying by the retarded motherfucking villagers, whereas in PM2 you get to see your daughter naked. Ok so in Creature Isle expansion your creature will get to have sex with Eve, but peh, that was boring as fuck

  4. In B&W you can't exactly "be good or be evil" because you'll quickly realise that the game is havily biased towards the "good" side and by being evil there's no way to win the game, you'll either lose faith/villagers, or you just get zilch for doing the silver story scrolls. In PM2, you can grow your daughter to be a prostitute, or a nun, or queen of darkness, or petty thief, or a princess, or ...

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So, you're saying that a game you can just pick up and play is a lot more fun than one you have to spend months at mastering?

Dear god, I think you've just found the secret behind Bejewelled! The games industry is in trouble as all of us gaming types are growing up and getting too damn old for overcomplicated videogames. :) If it weren't for the Playstation Generation asking for new Tony Hawk clones they'd have gone tits-up by now.

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