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Entry #14: life as usual

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  • Random observation of the day
    I invented alignments for better rendering...stuff.

meh, nothing much going on. My skyscape that I'm working on sucks; have to work on my French b/c it's not feeling like silk anymore; fix up my misperceptions on statistics, and I should be homefree! (like the Yankee who was FALSELY CALLED OUT!) [razz]

Just spent forever talking to a friend who happens to be a girl about her man troubles. Fear of rejection problems and an innate inability to flirt. Did all I can, but inevitably, healing must come from within...

I can just feel jmutch and ArchWizard reading into this...

oh yeah, and I was going to try and haxxor some background music into this journal for your viewing pleasure, but a 5.something MB MP3 would take forever to load. Anyone have a good short MIDI URL (preferably something oriental) that I can use?

And no, Gaiiden + Michael Tanczos (or whoever asks), I'm not going to say how I plan to get it in... [grin] MWAHAHA
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meh... screw it. Just stuck it in the easy way (not IE compatible, it seems... [depressed])

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Yeah, I fixed the problem - there was a conflict between Windows Media Player and the player IE uses for embedded audio (Firefox uses its own media player). But now, for some strange reason, it appears to be working simulateously...

I love having a haunted system [grin]

And yeah 23, Music from FF generally seems to be pretty good IMO, if you're into that... [wink]

This one is aeris.mid from FF7

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You froze up FireFox on me.


*flips out and chops off Mushu's head*

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I have FireFox and I'm not hearing anything except the music from Motherload. Great game, by the way.

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For the unenlightened, 23, for the unenlightened....

And yeah, I have Firefox too and it works fine for me! [razz]

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