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I've never used this before.

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Since this is a developers journal, and I have it, well, I might as well write in it. I don't know what to write though, so I'll tell you what I'm working on (I think that's good enough).

What I'm working on: A pirate game! That's right, I'm making a pirate game, it's going to be a turn based strategy game, as far as I can tell now. I'm still working out how the gameplay is going to work, and as for the coding part, I'm writing the level editor. I'm writing at an average of 1 line a day, so it's taking quite a while.

Someday it will finish and I'll be super awesome. So, you can all start hyping my pirate game right now. I want national media coverage by Tuesday.
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*Mushu hypes.

Well, I'm glad to see that you made an entry. Yay! More stuff to read. Find my nonsense here if you're interested.

[/shameless plug] [wink]

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"trying to"? It is embedded. Why do you ask?

Don't worry... I won't embed it anywhere else... that would just be teh EVIL!!! MWAHAHA... good thing Mushu plays nice... (read: Mushu doesn't want to see 1-yr GDNET+ subscription wasted)

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ArchWizard: Yes, but I suck at teh intarweb :(

EDIT: Wow that was easy.
EDIT2: New song!

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While Pirates aren't as cool as Ninjas, they still rock. So yar for the Pirate game!

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