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Menu progress

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I've completed most of the tasks for the Wild Hunt (although I'd like to get them all done for the title, and maybe try Hunter's Vale again for the rare drop), and I've managed to get some coding time in.

I've reworked the draw routine a bit, setting some global state stuff and then calling a handful DrawX functions. It's easier for me to follow what's going on in the main Draw call now, but I should probably work on it a bit more. All the DrawX functions are fairly similar, and could probably be generalized into one function, with maybe a flag parameter to tell it what special stuff needed doing.

But I can do that later. It works for now, and the Draw code is much easier for me to follow now, which is the important thing.

I also got some work done on the menu. The maze now rotates smoothly to center the menu selection, and the items turn white when selected, and yellow when deselected. Stills won't show the movement, and the graphics are essentially the same as what I've posted before. I've tweaked the font a bit, but that's about it.

Next up is probably to bind actions to menu items, so stuff actually happens when the selected item is, uh, selected. Maybe I should have been saying 'active item' throughout this post. Oh, and I should implement submenus, soo.
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