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Evil Steve


I got into work this morning to a lovely BIOS message proclaiming "SATA0: NO DISK FOUND. PRESS F1 TO CONTINUE", followed by "No boot disk found". Which is bad, since there most certainly is a disk there. I took the hard drive out and shook it a little, then got "DISK READ ERROR". I took the drive out, blew on it, and put it back and then Windows booted up (Albeit taking about 4 times longer than normal).
So, I now have an hour to kill while XXClone copies my hard drive to a spare hard drive...

Ellipsoid - cuboid collision is hard. I spent 2 days at work getting that working, because we figured it should be pretty easy to do, "after all, you can just transform everything into ellipsoid space and then you're doing cuboid - unit sphere tests". Well, it sounds easy, but it really isn't. You have a skewed cube, which you can't just plane test against the unit sphere because there's cases where that will give a false positive (When a corner of a cuboid is close to the ellipsoid).
Anyway, I got it working at last, with the help of some PDF I found on the Internet. Now I just need to get hemiellipsoid - cuboid collision working...

In other news, there is no other news. Fun.
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I have no idea - I just did it because shaking it seemed to help a little. Suffice to say the drive is kaput [smile]

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I find shaking works for grandparents as well. Not so much blowing though. I wonder if the hard drive received a full burial or was dumped outside in a skip... like my grandparents.

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