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It has been a while remix.

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Hello GameDev.Net,

It has been a while since I have posted yet again. I have been really busy as of late with the new job hours and getting set up for school. Yes that is right I am going back to school woot woot. It really feels great to be working towards my degree again.

Currently I am attending Devry University pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Information System with a focus in Security. So far I really like the school. The faculty is phenomenally helpful and the teachers really are great. So I just finished week 1 and currently have the maximum points I could earn making my grade as of right now a 100% woots. Good way to start out the semester I think.

On another noted I ended up picking up a Sony Viao laptop. Granted it only has Intel Accelerated HD graphics but it is running a Intel i3 processor. This thing is blistering fast and stay very cool.

That is all for now wish me luck :D.
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