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I'm back! && firefight pic

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It's been just over a year. There's no good explanation for my absence, but I seem to remember something about gallons of beer and moving from Wisconsin to Arizona.

project explanation on my website:


firefight at the TWE corral

New stuff that can be seen in the above picture:
-shell casing particle system was replaced with 3d models of shell casings.
At the end of the pictured firefight, there were over 1200 casings on the ground (I think there were some hit detection problems.. lol!). Once a casing lands on the ground it is deleted and replaced by a static model so that the game doesn't have to do any collision detection or physics processing on it. I was experiencing some minor slowdowns at the end of the fight, so I will have to implement a system to remove old casings if the number gets excessive. Maybe I could use a sprite system to replace the casings on the ground.

-I decided to go with a technically unrealistic tracer effect for bullets. What's the point of modeling each bullet if I can't see them zipping around. :)
It looks kind of silly in a still shot, but it looks great moving.
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