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The peasant

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Sorry, I haven't posted the demo/prototype. I thought I should wait until the Make-Em-Up competition has been decided until I release it to the public. Well you heard it right, I actually made a prototype and in time!! Well, It was mostly my knight guy walking around in a forest. So while I have been waiting for the for the competition I've been doing some more work on the game and editor. The two projects now uses OpenAL as it's sound system. I think this is a good way to go if I decide to port the game to OSX or iPhone/iPad. Sounds can have a few attributes set in the editor:

Attenuation - The sound can be heard all over or just in the area its occupying.
Radius - The sound radius when attenuation is enabled.
Volume - Both for un/attenuated sounds.
Loop - The sound loops or plays once.

Also the sound can be set to randomly play through lua scripting:
// This tells the engine that sound #617 should be played randomly

// Random interval. This sound will have a pause between 16 and 20 seconds before it plays it again.

All this is pretty nice. I can have one ambient sound source looping in the background and then several smaller sounds which plays randomly at specific locations attenuated. Perfect for chirping birds and tree pecking and what not.

Regarding the scripting system. These two functions only needs to be called once, hence the script is disabled after it's execution. I am thinking I might want other scripts to continuously work in the background. I have yet to implement such a system. On the other hand, maybe it is faster to only have "initializing scripts" and then let the game handle the rest from there. I have to try this out and see what suits me best. I've read about people that implemented the entire main loop using scripting. I don't think I would benefit from this.

I have also worked a little bit more on the story. I think a simple story that I can base a game upon is desired. It is very easy to lose control when writing and make the game to complicated to develop. Right now it's a pretty basic "go and kill the bad guy"-type story. When writing this story I realised it would be better if the main character wasn't a knight to begin with, so I made him a peasant. This is what the would-be knight looks like right now:

He is a bit more realistic than the previous figure. The colors are more worn and the head is slightly smaller. Comments are most welcome! :)

Thanks for reading!
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Glad to see this getting along. You're the only journal I check (well I used to check Ravuya's but I think he exploded).

I *love* the new sprite! I can't wait to try this out!

I'm overly excited about this, maybe it's because I thought you had disappeared too but then you pop out of nowhere with some good progress under your belt :P

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