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Cut that out

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I'll just leave
">this here.

I'm trying to end a lot of my inactivity by taking Afterglow improvements a little at a time. Last night, I improved the game by changing how it draws levels to try and make it look like levels are "cut out" of a solid block (I will be adding some textures or something later to improve this look) and make the walls not look cheap and paperlike like in this old screenshot:
I'm looking forward to making some improvements on the editor so it's fun to make levels in it.

I'm also trying to figure out how to make the game prettier since it looks, uh, a little dated. Having textures that are similar colours might also help.

I also got a Nexus One. I like writing code for Android but I really hate working in Java, especially since my day job is primarily C#. I'll get over it, probably just in time to do a port to iOS.
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How are you liking the Nexus One? I wanted one but I couldn't justify buying the phone outside of a contract. I ended up with the HTC Legend. I have yet to program anything for it though :)

Will you be releasing the level editor with the game? Will I be able to change sprites/textures? God I should probably redownload Glow and finish it again.

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Hurray for progress! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the forthcoming 'roof' textures in action as well. Kudos on the Nexus One as well -- I thought they were sold out?

(Something like droid-wrapper should make you hate life/Java a little less. And make that Android Glow port more feasible.)

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I bought my Nexus One just before Google announced they were discontinuing sales. Thanks for the tip on droid-wrapper, I like it already.

I like the N1, it's probably the nicest reference device I've ever used. It's definitely a step up from some of the cheaper Huawei, etc Android phones that are starting to come on the market. The lack of real multitouch is really the biggest downer; it makes it hard to play some games.

The level editor is built into the game (same with original Glow, actually!) but it's a little rough. Levels are bog-standard XML. Textures are just in the data/textures directory free to edit or reference from your map.

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