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The Bridge

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Matt Carr


  • Stopped working on my engine because of time constraints (next point)
  • Worked at The Creative Assembly for a year on Xbox 360/PS3/PC game Stormrise and briefly on their next title
  • Moved to a programming job at a company making 3D 'serious games' training sims (still there)
  • Started a business to develop indie games on the side called South East Games
  • Released 4 iPhone apps
  • Slowly (very) chipping away at the 5th and most promising iPhone app

And that's essentially what I should've been blogging about here for the past 2 years. August 2008 was my last post, but in attempt to turn what once I fittingly named the 'Tool of Procrastination' into a motivational force of good, I'll begin posting here with a far higher degree of regularity.

Now that two years of my life (well, the game dev relevant aspects anyway) have been summed up in 5 points, I've bridged the void between then and now and my next post will be a rant on something interesting (with any luck) relating to the now.
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Wow, congrats on getting 5 games out the door with your own company. Would you share a link for your company and games?

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Original post by zer0wolf
Wow, congrats on getting 5 games out the door with your own company. Would you share a link for your company and games?

Well... The 4 apps we've released thus far aren't anything to brag about. It's mostly been toe-in-the-water stuff thus far. 3 are games and 1 was a 1 hour dev time experiment which was App Store policy-ed into irrelevance.

I'll definitely talk about them and South East Games in the next and future posts. I need to develop a new website hopefully before then though because currently the unfinished wordpress blog vomit at southeastgames.com isn't anything worth showing.

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