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PAX Report - Saturday

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Right, so, day two of PAX (bit late I know).

I went to check out the Duke Nukem booth, but the line was already closed off. So I couldn?t be bothered to see if they would open it again, I?m not THAT fanatical about Duke. Maybe when it was new.

So instead I checked out Dragon Age 2. First things first, they claim to have fixed a few of the failings of the original, specifically they?ve improved the art on the console versions, and have made combat much more responsive. You can still pause and strategize, queue skills up on your party members, etc. But when you un-pause you can engage in real time combat. No more of that ?click skill, wait half an hour before your character acknowledges that he?s going to use it.? So on the combat front, it was quite a bit more enjoyable.

They had both PS3 and Xbox machines running it, I played it on the Xbox. Now, they claim they?ve improved the art on the console versions, and are now using a unified art pipeline for all three versions (PS3, Xbox, PC). This has me worried, because the textures on the Xbox were distinctly muddy looking. Compared to Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox, or Dragon Age on the PC, it looked quite a bit worse. Now that could have been the fault of the lighting and of the LCDs, but? it?s got me worried.

I played some Medal of Honor. It was fun once I figured out the UI clues, but? it has a few issues. This probably isn?t something that would bug people familiar with the series, but fore new additions, it can be annoying. As an example, the outfit differences between friend and foe can (on many levels) be hard to recognize, which leaves you looking for UI clues to figure out if that guy in your crosshairs is a friend? or a foe. There?s a little triangle above your friend?s head, however it doesn?t change size much? so two people in a row? which one is the friend and which one is the foe? It was fun overall though.

I also checked out the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO? its very much like playing SW:KOTOR or other BioWare RPGs? Not sure if that?s a good thing or a bad thing. I enjoyed most of their games. I ended up playing their bounty hunter class, it was amusing to go around torching things with my flame thrower.

I also snuck back to the ArenaNet booth and nabbed yet another t-shirt. Didn?t manage to crash the GW server again though. Pitty that :D

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