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A few improvments

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Made two rather important editor improvements today. The first was quite simple; the possibility to set a working directory. The working directory deals with how resource paths are handled. Before the working directory was the editor path by default. As an example a graphic file located in:
would be saved as...
This is all well if you feel like using copies of your level project's resources. But if you don't want copies and had a graphic file located in:
The editor would get the relative path to that directory... so in this case the path would become..
Not so good. So I implemented a button where the user can browse for the working/project directory. Now if I would browse for the folder
and use it as the working directory the resource file names would become
Leaving out "..\my_level"-part. Neat!

The other thing is undo/redo. I only got it half working right now but I will aim to have it fully operational within a day or two. At first I will implement a single step undo/redo that only works for added/deleted objects, sounds, zones and characters. Leaving out changes to the objects properties and any name changes and similar (mind you that this is my first undo attempt). I think this will help me greatly when building maps. Maybe later I will extend the undo with multiple steps and account for name changes and properties, we'll see...

Lastly, a picture to make this post a little prettier :-)

4x Antialias does magic! :D
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