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I've recently finished adding object dispensers to Squishy. They create an object in response to a 0 signal and open in response to a 1.


The boxes have an OnDestroy event which in this case calls a script procedure that instructs the system to send a 0 to the dispenser in 2 seconds.

I've also started a non-technical blog over at blogspot. Nobody is reading it but I'm hoping this will provide information about the game for players rather than programmers. Feel free to stop by and say hi in the comments, just so it doesn't look so empty.

Boxes can also set fire to each other now which is pretty cool but there are a few bugs to work out. Once sorted, next video will show this off.

We were talking last night about maybe getting a couple of cats. I'm trying to persuade Emma to let me call one Schrodinger and the other one Heisenberg. That way when the kids ask where the cats are, I can say that I'm not sure where Heisenberg is but Schrodinger is and isn't in the kitchen.



Shitty picture, but
">THE VIDEO shows off the effect of fire spreading from one combustible object to another. Hoping to be able to make some fun game mechanics out of this.

In other news, got offered a job today, only crappy call centre work but at least would be a reference from most recent employer. Doubt my last boss would be a good person to get a reference from considering the way I left [smile].
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Thank you, but I was more proud of my stupid cat-physics joke actually [smile].

Steven Hawkins told a great joke once - his car broke down so he took it to a garage. Guy told him he was a quantum mechanic. Steven said, "So can you fix my car or not?" Guy said, "I don't know, I'll have to look at it."


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