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Pre-Project: Study Time

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Been busy the past few days cranking through Stroustrup's official guide to C++. Still have a lot to go through before I'm going to feel confidant that I've recovered at least a portion of my old skills.

Note to new programmers: Be VERY careful about burning yourself out. It's easy to do, and it's hard to recover from. Also be prepared to neglect certain life obligations once you're out of school if you aren't already. There isn't a whole lot of time in the day, and between work, sleep, and a little leisure time, putting even an hour or two a day into the code can be difficult.

To jump again, I really enjoy Stroustrup's way of explaining and definition. I feel more comfortable with it than I often do with anything I've read published by SAMS. The code is clean and precise, no light jokes, no page long descriptions of obscure minutae. His explanations of things are good, and he focuses as much on the ideals of C++ as he does on the technical aspects.
However, I don't know if I'll ever get used to his bracketing.

just looks so weird and jumbled to me right now, especially since most code I've seen either uses one style or the other, not both.
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Dude. I'm designing a procedural Directx9 engine and ive never used c++ before.. its not that hard... but then again, I spend 5 hours and at and 3 hours during the day to learna nd code lol.

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