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Interviews :)

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Well, I wrapped up my face-to-face interview with Bioware Austin about an hour ago and I have a face-to-face interview with Toy Studio in two days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

To provide more actual substance in this journal entry, listed below are 10 questions that I have had asked of me, and you should be able to answer them. Most of them don't have necessarily a 'right' answer, but if you're preparing for an interview I'd suggest you be able to answer these questions.

1) Why don't we start off with you telling us about yourself?

2) Pitch yourself, 30 seconds or less.

3) Do you know what all this position entails?

4) How familiar with [genre] are you?

5) Why do you want to be a [position] at [company]?

6) What is one of the worst mistakes you've made, and what did you learn from it?

7) Can you tell us what your favorite project was and why?

8) [non-leads] You're two weeks out from the next milestone and you don't have enough time to hit your tasks. What do you do?
[leads] You're two weeks out from the next milestone and you don't have enough time/resources for your team to hit the deadline. What do you do?

9) You've been handed a list of tasks (or features, content list, etc) and what your next milestone date it. What do you do now?

10) When we get off of the phone with each other, why should we keep moving forward with you and not toss away your resume?

Well, that's it for the moment. I hope these questions are useful for you. I'll post again in a week or two, hopefully with a job in hand. I'll sum up some of the metrics of my job search.
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Nice. A good thing for people to realise is that most of these are standard questions, regardless of industry (games or not).

I like the last one though. Basically "justify yourself" in one sentence.

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