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Project Progress

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Reviewing my infrequent journal posts, I realize how much trouble I have sticking to one project, and having said project really get anywhere. To try to keep myself on track with one project, I'm going to try to post some kind of progress here at least once a week, even if I only change a handful of files, my goal is to record my progress here.

This week, I've revisted my C++/DirectX 11 project and heavily refactored much of what was there with more of a focus on getting stuff done and not so much obsessing over every last little detail and trying to get it perfect the first time. With a focus on getting stuff done, I've decided to make the scope of the project a bit smaller and focus on working towards a simple game at first, and gradually adding features and quests and so on. Currently the game I have in mind is a medieval fantasy type RPG. I'd like to be able to combine elements I've really liked from other games into one, for instance the vast open ended type world of Oblivion, but with a little more direction and engaging combat elements found in Twilight Princess.

I will have more updates with more details of my progress in the future here and a few other programming articles (and other random junk) at my Wordpress blog located here.
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