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  • Random Observation of the Day!!!!
    Brownies and Coke do NOT, and I repeat do NOT mix very well.

In other news, I think the music is starting to get on my nerves, not because it's music playing in the background, but because it's always the same music.

Ergo, I'm probably going to write a script to randomize the tunes for your listening pleasure... while this could be done in as little as 30 seconds, I haven't played with javascript for about half a decade, so I have to struggle to remember all the crap with the document object. So bear with me here.

...and so; Mushu goes forth, head severed from Gaiiden's wrath (haha Gaiiden; I killed yo firefox... FIREFOX TRAPPED!) into the unknown realm of javascript (curse those intrepreted languages...) to seek the mystical solution to allow the musicians of Midguard to finally compose another tune...

*Mushu unsheathes his faithful katana as he heads into the unknown

Turtles live in the water.
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I know a thing or two about using javascript, especially for things that need randomization. However, I refuse to assist you because I am morally opposed to embedding music in web pages without the ability to turn said music off. If I want to listen to music, I open up WinAmp or visit a music site such as OC Remix or SquareSound.

Also, the music doesn't seem to work in FireFox, so I wouldn't gain from my work. Unless you were to pay me somehow, and what are the odds of that?

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*points and laughs at Mushu's headless body staggering about blindly in the Realm of javascript*

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