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Really, not dead...

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So, I'm really not dead... which at least doesn't make this journal title a lie [grin]

It's been quite a busy few months for me, getting used to work, getting used to living in more than one room and getting used to being 100% single again (which I shant bang on about).

Work wise things are going well, nicely entrenched in the rendering team at Codies and enjoying it even with the hard work. In fact compared to the last place I was at I've been more likely to stay late here which shows just how much I like it.

I've also managed to be the most unlucky guy on the team as my first commit of work took 3 weeks to get from my branch to main due to it constantly failing out on the publish system which tests the builds. The real kicker was it never failed in anything todo with my changes which were mostly shader and data related!

After alot of trying, searching and being unable to reproduce it on my branch the problem was finally tracked down to an assert handler which wasn't thread safe and my changes, which added extra data, were just enough to throw out the thread timing to cause it to hit the problem.

Talk about unlucky [sad]
Still, got it fixed, got it all published and got my work in [grin]

We are now in the final push to alpha, which was high lighted by my 54h week last week (normal week is just shy of 38h) which works out at 2 days over time. This week is looking to be much easier for me as I (currently) have no alpha critial work so I'm going to dial back the over time I think if only because its left me too burnt out to work on my own stuff at home.

I do have plans to do my own stuff at home, I want to do a space type shooter right now (although I have an RTS idea knocking about in my head as well), which will be purely DX11 and has come about thanks to listening to "Club Foot" by Kasabian too many times and an article in GPU Gems 3 about fluids on the GPU and using them for particle simulation.

I've so far only done some reading and found a free test model, I'm hoping this weekend I won't be too burnt out to do some work on it; if nothing else I need to kick a deferred renderer into life.

But yeah, not dead and still dreaming...
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