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Hi All, my first entry.

Quick background : I started coding on a Power 3000 using Basic and quickly moved to C64, next was a vz200 (I think it was called, made by Dick smith), at this point I was sick of Basic.

I found a friend at school who was using Microbee's to drive large machines to drill massive prop shafts and he was coding in ASM Z80. I quickly picked it up and in no time was burning eproms with pure binary switching. So geeky. After modifying our Microbee's so much, stacking eproms etc.. I tried out my first PC.. I hated it ! I'd played with an Amiga 500 at a mates place and fell in love with it :-) I had to have one. Coded on the 68000 chip for years, made my own BBS system called DoorRunner. At this point I took a break from computers, well coding anyway because I found a new passion in music.

Many years later I started playing games on PC again. Seems I suck at music :-). I started reading all about 3D graphics, even got into 3D using Lightwave, 3ds max, Softimage XSI and now Blender. You get the idea I'm sure.

Last 4 years I've been writing game engines and making some games. Which brings me to my latest engine.. vortX GE. All my graphics handling code is done, just starting on my in-game items and getting bullet hits to scene nodes etc. This engine is in C++.

I hope I can help others in the near future.
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