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Myopic Rhino


After getting some feedback from a lot of people, I made some changes to my workout. Since my main goal right now is weight loss, I decided to cut back slightly on lifting, and do longer - but less frequent cardio sessions.

So 3 days a week, I'm going to do a full hour of cardio. I started today, running for an hour. I'm not sure that I've done an hour of straight cardio EVER, but it actually felt really good. I'm just glad that I've spend the past 6 weeks getting back in shape or it would've killed me. I'm also going to mix up the cardio a bit, with cycling, running, and jump roping.

For lifting, I'm currently doing a 2-day split 3 days a week - on the days I'm not doing cardio. My routine looks like this:

Torso day:
Flat bench press
Close grip pulldown (or Front pulldown, depending on the gym I'm at)
Incline bench press
Bent-over row
Shoulder press
Lateral raise
Rear lateral raise

Legs/arms day:
Squat (or leg press, depending where I am)
Seated leg curl
Leg extension
Calf raise (or calf press, depending where I am)

One rather radical change I'm making is that I'm only doing one warmup set and one full set per exercise. I'm reading a lot of material that suggests that the benefits gained from doing a 2nd and 3rd full set are pretty marginal (as long as the one set is done at full intensity), so I'm going to try it for a while and see how it goes.

I'm going to do this for six weeks, after which I'll slowly start to drift back toward more lifting and working only one or two muscle groups per day. If things continue the way they've been going, I should be down to 220 by the end of the year - maybe even lower.
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