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If you know there's bug in your code but you can't find it, then leave alone to the next day.

I spent the last two hours yesterday trying to fix a but which prevented from text displaying correctly. Couldn't find it. This morning I came in, took one look at the code, and found the problem. And I am not exagerating (sp?).

In other news, the trackeditor I'm making for the Brew contest is coming along quite nicely. I plan on having the first working track at the end of the week.
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As a rule of thumb, if I can't solve a bug in less than 30 minutes, I walk away or do something else on the comp for about 30 minutes to an hour. It's kinda like defragging your brain, IMO. If you program long enough, you can start to lose track of stuff - that nice clean picture that was in your head just starts to disintigrate, and you have trouble remembering what this function does or what that class is for. I can always come back after my break and solve the bug like within 10 minutes. It's kinda freaky. I learned this the hard way too [smile]

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