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How ?

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Here is small sequence of the actions I do to make a model for my game.
The result is a bit rough but I think it is good enough when seen at the final resolution of the game. I will make another attempt later this night or tomorrow with a larger texture. I will probably have to make an additional pass on a few models to improve them after seeing them in-game.

First, create a [very simple] model in Blender.

Second, create the seams (the colored edges) to prepare unwrapping.

Then, start the automatic unwrapping and manually arrange (scale/place) the various pieces.

After exporting the UV layout to an image, paint it in Gimp.

And back to Blender to see the result.

"Final" image.

A few more models I did for the game...
The "crystal ball on a tripod"

The return of the pumpkin vengeance 2 (now, with a nose)

And an innocent animal found here for no reason...

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