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Still on fonts. While on break at work today, I realized that the scrolling crap doesn't belong in my font class, so I've removed it. I also cleaned up some of the code and fixed my measuring (which fixed a few of the graphical errors I've been dealing with; mainly characters that are too close together.) For some reason I decided that I needed to move the caret by XOffset + XAdvance, instead of just XAdvance. Not really sure where I came up with that lol.

I also took the time to implement a TextObject class. This is something I've wanted for a while, for two reasons: I can implement my text effects system and it will majorly increase the speed of my UI system.

I'll do a post on the TextObject and TextEffect system tomorrow, once I've finished it.

On other fronts, I've downloaded and installed Eclipse, the Android SDK, and all of the other stuff I need to start developing for Android. Playing the games on my new Ally has inspired me to develop for it. So, hopefully I'll have something interesting to show after a while (I have to freshen up on Java and learn the SDK. On top of that, I'm being told that I have to finish JFM before I can start making anything else.)
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