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Finishing Up The Font Engine

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Well, I lied. I was going to write an entry about the text object and text effect system, but I can't do that because I've omitted the text effect system. I'll still do an entry about it, just not today.

I've finished up the first version of the font engine. I still have some features I want to implement, but they're extras and aren't needed at the moment. I've implemented every formatting feature I want (with the exception of justified text, but I'm not worried about that at the moment.) As I stated yesterday, I also have the text object system implemented. It's not perfect and I'll probably revise it at some point, but it's really coming in handy (especially in regards to the UI.)

I also finally got fonts with kerning implemented correctly:

Not my first choice for a font, but it had lots of accents so it worked well enough.

I'm jumping back on to Junk Food Monkey. I'm going to work on getting all of the details written down before I jump back into coding.

I've got two other projects involving JFM in mind though: a mobile version for Android OS and a mobile version of the editor for Android OS. We'll see; I have lots of Java to relearn before I can jump into a large project like that.
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Original post by EDI
Nice to see your work is going well!


Lol, thanks Raymond! I wouldn't really say that it is "going well" though. I'm improving, that's for sure, but I'm still not getting anywhere.

Anyway, I really hope to see some more dev stuff from you once your house gets finished!

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