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Insane Robots and my house.

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Insane Robots is the name of the 2.5D platform game I'm currently working on. Initially I started working on it because I wanted to get a deeper grasp of the Unity 3 engine, which I already use for my other (multiplayer based) game.

In Insane Robots the player controls a maintenance robot which has been awaken during his recharge cycle because a computer virus has infected his fellows. The complete storyline has been worked out featuring 2 alternate endings for the game. The gross level layout and sequence has been depicted.

My initial plan is to keep the game as free as possible of "violence". The Three Laws of Robotics will be the basis of the game and the third law will be interpreted to not only cover the robot's own existence but also the existence of his fellows. The main game element will be avoiding getting in touch with other robots (to not to be infected by the virus), find access codes and manipulate computer consoles in mini games.

All basic game features such as the tiling system (for the level construction), the platforms, ladders, spawn points and moving platforms are already in a working state although the moving platform will require some enhancements to fit to my needs. The character controlling is working too and already feels quite OK.

Although I already have parts of the graphic assets needed for the game, I'm still working with placeholder graphics to not being disturbed by doing fancy graphics instead of game-play.

One of the game's features is the in-game level editor which allows the player to quickly create his own levels and missions. It actually already works as I use it to create my test levels. Loading and saving created levels is working, too.

The only thing I still have to do manually (for the currently available features) is to add moving platforms. I'm actually working on that editor part.

Oh yes... another cool feature: Ctrl+G switches between editor mode and level test mode.

Aside Insane Robots I'm working on my house. Actually, last week the roof isolation has been placed and I started rebuilding the ceiling of my daughters room and my future office (~60m2 of office space for ME :) ). I decided to take a day off today because the joint filling that I have applied in my daughters room isn't dry yet so I cannot do the first sanding on it. Yesterday I finished the covering of the chimney in my office.

Have fun...
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