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Start screen...

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I've been very busy with porting SNKPEPP to XNA 4.0. It has shitloads of breaking changes, mostly due to Windows Phone 7. It was algo a good excuse to get rid of my level loading scheme, where I read XML documents "manually", in favor of serialization. The code now looks much better with most classes being rid of repetitive XmlDocument handling code (btw, XmlDocument is not supported in XNA 4.0).

Once I ported SNKPEPP to 4.0 I wanted to test it on the XBox but I soon found out the XNA Game Studio Connect Beta is not available in Portugal. Oh well. :(

Due to this, I'm still not sure I will be able to render blood like I wanted, using particle effects over a persistent render target, because persistent render targets are not fast on the 360.

Yesterday, for a change of pace, I started work on the start screen. In it an unknown character is being chased by one of the protagonist ninja and meets a terrible fate.
">Video here.
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The super in the foot should probably be a bit darker - it's somewhat ineligeble right now. Other than that, pretty good :)

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Thanks for your comment. I uploaded a new version of the video with a darker "super", more blood and a new sound effect when the ninja foot hits the screen. It's on the original post.

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