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Website, License, and Social

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Keeping Busy or Busily Keeping
Seriously? I had no idea busily was a real word [headshake]. I typed it, trying to be funny, and the spell checker didn't get mad. Use busily in a sentence.
So anyway, I've just finished going through the validation process for a code signing certificate in Rendering Systems' name. Now I can release my executables and other binaries with an expensive name tag! Win! I automated the signing process using a batch script. If you're interested, I made an example Windows batch script and posted it at neilkemp.us.
I've also been putting the finishing touches on the Woody3D website. I'll keep working on it through the weekend and with any luck it should be ready for show very soon.
At the moment, I'm in the process of purchasing a good condenser microphone so I can add commentary to videos.

Comments and Requests for Licensing Info
Thanks for all of the encouraging comments here and elsewhere, it is much appreciated. I've worked very hard to get this far and the interest in what I'm doing only makes it that much easier to keep going.
There have been some comments requesting information about licensing. That announcement is coming, I promise, but I'm going to wait until Woody3D is available online before flying that flag. Thanks for your patience.

Get Connected
Just a reminder you can Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest updates and videos.

Have a great weekend,
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