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No, I'm not working on yet another Infiniminer/Minecraft clone. I haven't even played either game. However, I've been seeing a few posts lately about generating Minecraftian type levels, and it seems like the blocky, voxel-based worlds of this kind of game is ideal for experimenting with procedural generation of worlds using fractal methods of all sorts, so I've kinda started playing around with voxel landscapes using the PolyVox library for mesh extraction from a voxel field. I must admit, the flexibility and fluidity allowed by a voxel engine is certainly a powerful draw.

Above is the simplest of landscape functions based on a ridged fractal perturbing a membrane-like ground surface. Even with the most simple of fractals, one can create some pretty neat landscapes. I'll most likely play with it more in the future.
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Very nice! I'm always glad to see people using my library. Do let me know if you have any questions/problems/suggestions.

But I'm mostly interested in your rendering as the lighting looks nice. Do you have some ambient occlusion going on there, and if so what sort? Or maybe it's an offline rendering?

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Yeah, it's just offline in Blender, I haven't actually done anything real-time with PolyVox since it's not really what I'm working on. Pretty awesome library, though, and I think I'd like to do a game with it after my current project. Right now, though, it makes an excellent tool for quick and dirty visualization of 3D functions and other procedural methods.

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