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Wow, while since I posted here.

I've just finished adding support for adding curved paths to the editor. They are multi-segment quadratic bezier curves and you can pull the points about with the mouse. The funky little pawprint icons are meant to represent a path.

This all started because I wanted to be able to have the camera follow smooth paths during cut sequences and has taken weeks to get right. I've not fully finished the editor functionality yet and have no idea how to actually track along the curves at a constant speed in the game but I'm sure it will be solvable.
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Original post by rip-off
Any chance of a video demonstration of DynamicEmotionTech?

You forgot the TM. I may sue, but am awaiting advice from the large legal team that supports Squishy development.

I think it would be unfair to Microsoft to eclipse the release of Project Natal. They have invested almost as much time, expertise and funding in that as I have in DynamicEmotionTech? so I don't want to steal their thunder.

Also, it would be shit. Sorry. It's only in there so that the player-controlled Squishy can look like a load of other ones until the script makes him angry. I was also quite drunk when I posted that and it is less interesting than it sounds.

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