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Insane Robots story start

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Hi everyone,

things are starting to work out for me: This week I had an interview for a contract with a German company who delivers real time racing data into computer games. I still have to pass a 4h test beginning next week, but that shouldn't be a problem (normally). I'll also sign a contract with a second customer who in fact came back to me after almost a year.

You surely are more interested in the starting story of my game, so here we go. But before I start, I'd like to to say that the story itself introduces the reasons why the main character of the game is not allowed to / cannot destroy his robot fellows.

Insane Robots: The beginning

In the year 2251 earth is a planet of wastelands. Human mankind has destroyed the planets' ecosystem, ripped out almost all useful raw materials, and polluted the water to an undrinkable state.

This was the year the largest of all HTS (Human Transport Ship) left the construction bay with 350000 souls on board: HTS Hope II set route to GJ1214b, a planet in orbit around a red dwarf approximately 40 light years away from the solar system. While the planet orbit time around the red dwarf is about 38h, the conditions on the planet permit the construction of facilities. The planet's atmosphere is similar to Earth ones, and even though the planet's mass is about 6,5 times the mass of Earth, the bigger diameter of the planet (2,6 times the diameter of Earth) results in 100 times lesser gravitational force. Fortunately, gravity forcefields have been researched and mastered.

The relative trip time to the planet is ~7.3 years at 1G acceleration (Earth time is ~42 years). Due to the huge number of people on board, it is not possible to keep them awake during that time. So before HTS Hope II left the bay, everyone has been put into hibernation sleep. Robots have been constructed to take care of the space ship and their passengers.

It was 5.5 years into the travel when Barney1, a maintenance robot (actually YOU), has been awaken by the Central Management Intelligence's voice (short CEMAI or CEM) during his recharge time by the words

"Barney one... Wake up, Barney one..."

Barney1 started his optical devices and saw the holographic projection of CEMAI's female face.

"Barney one, we have an security issue. Please stay calm and proceed to unlink from the recharge station."

Barney1's positronic brain made several hundred calculations between the moment he got his order to unlink and the moment he actually finished the process. He wondered what security issue that could be. When he started to recharge a couple of minutes ago, everything seemed to be just fine. He had finished checking the 1024 hibernation stations he had to supervise, and he had adjusted some of the core maintenance robot's parameters to improve the performance of their work.

"Barney one, please proceed to the central robot maintenance bay. We need you to be there as soon as possible. Please do not get in contact with other robots. A virus has been detected which may be transmitted if you get in touch with them. The virus prevents robots to work accordingly to their parameters, so contact with any infected robot might put endanger the lives of our passengers."

Barney1 quickly thought about the situation. If any of the robots he might encounter on his way to the central robot maintenance bay (CROMB) is infected, he might get the infection too and thus not be able to help CEM to solve the issue. He'd better avoid getting in touch with them. Fortunately, his rank as a chief supervisor enables him to make usage of enhanced possibilities such as direct access to computer consoles and access to maintenance items, and the traversal of almost the entire spaceship. As soon as he would be at the CROMB, he could re-initialize the entire space ship and thus evict the virus from the robots memories.

"CEM, I'm on my way. Please wait for my arrival before re-initializing the maintenance robots."
"I'm on my way..."

Soooo... this is how it all starts... Any feedback is welcome :)
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