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Shedding some Baggage

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So as I was dusting off Selenite, I began to feel... that certain sick feeling when you know there are still certain features in your engine that need coding, and worst of all...

You Don't Want To Code Them!

In the past I simply grabbed myself up by my bootstraps and wrote the features, but my time is exceptionally limited these days (can you believe they STILL are not done with my house?, my contractors are getting coal this year for xmass) so I began to whine and complain.

Thankfully good old John Hattan mentioned on my Facebook about a particular 2D Engine cocos2D... after a short investigation of cocos I decided it wasn't quite for me; but it got me thinking "I should really offload my graphics and audio engine programming" for a few good reasons.

1. I've done it all, multiple times =/
2. I'm not _that_ great at it, compared to other aspects of game development
3. I don't care to build essential features in graphics/audio engines

So a little hunting and I discovered SFML (Simple Fast Multimedia Library), and after a bit of inspection and testing I determined it could do everything my existing system did, plus a lot more; and I could shed around 2,000 lines of code otherwise managed by yours truly.

2,000 less lines of code to maintain, plus all the features I need, is a huge win!

This has brought SeleniteWin32's source back down to around 5,000 lines of code; trying to keep it trim


I started up again developing quests, characters and unique items; and working on some art for the title screen. Next to nothing there right now, but it has a certain charm; Video here 10MB

I also started laying out the first map again, tweaking it a bit for some story changes.

...and I felt the Selenite editor splash screen needed a new coat of paint:

More Later!

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Hang in there! If I can eve get my life back in order (went from working mad overtime to being unemployed and doing mad job searching) then I'd love to help out with the game. It seems to be such a fun project [wink]

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awwwww, our little Raymond has come so far from the guy who insisted on writing everything himself all those years ago [grin]

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